Bulk Strategic Reserve Limited is a new breed Oil & Gas Services company – its focus is the provision of world class services in all its area of expertise. These are of course, anchored on the company’s unwavering focus on quality, health, safety, security and environmental consciousness aimed at evolving a culture of excellence in service delivery with social responsibility.


Our mission is to deliver superior returns to our investors through our talented, valued employees and our core strengths of: An unwavering commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, regulatorycompliance, and personal integrity. Operational excellence that provides consistent, reliable performance at the lowest reasonable cost. A commitment to proficiency and the continuous improvement of our people, operations and projects.

We will achieve this through thoroughly trained professionals, equipped with the right tools necessary to succeed personally and in the representation of our company. We will act with integrity in an honest, open and co-operative environment. This policy is of utmost importance to our corporate objective and can be achieved through:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in our operational areas and the exceeding of these compliance guidelines where it is in tandem with our corporate expectations
  • Implementing programs, internal controls and staff training requisite to achieving our overall corporate goal
  • Conducting all operations in a manner that enhances the safety of our work environment and improves the relationship between our staff, clients, stakeholders, environment and host communities


We aspire to achieve a dominant position as a pre-eminent integrity driven Energy Company proffering solutions to the downstream energy sector in Nigeria, while maintaining a high standard of social responsibility in all our areas of operation.


Bulk Strategic Reserve Limited will strike a new balance between risk and reward by applying its proven technical expertise and going beyond the ordinary. We shall generate new ideas, capture leading acreage positions in frontier and emerging areas which are often overlooked by others. We shall pursue organic growth through drill-bit success. Our creativity will be supported by our discipline and by our ability to safely and efficiently develop projects using industry best practices and advanced technologies.

Bulk Strategic Reserve's products and services have been developed to meet the needs of its customers.

To encourage economic inclusion, the company offers a variety of products channelled towards various market segment and consumers respectively.

Product development has been an integral part of our business strategy having taken cognizance of the fact that the market lacks depth in terms of product range. Our products and services have been developed and reengineered after conducting customer surveys with the objective of meeting customers' expectations.

Bulk Strategic Reserve’s current scope of marketing and distribution of refined petroleum products lies in four key areas:

Depot / Storage

Retail fuel station supply


Oil Services